The Grand Council of the Crees

The death of a River ???

Subject: The death of a River ??? Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 16:56:18 -0400 From: Robert Bernard Organization: maison To:

Posted: 1998-09-15

Today, September 14th 1998, will be remembered one of our darkest of our "poor history" in the Qu?bec province.

At noon, Montréal time, Hydro Québec made a public announcement about a new project affecting one of the major river system of the "mid north" area . The river targeted is the Rupert River.

First, they intend to divert the Rupert River into the Eastmain River, already dammed, to then proceed with the construction of a new power plant.

They're going to destroy forever one of the most beautiful and unique area of the "mid north". They're going to destroy a pristine area, with cristal clear potable water all along the 650 kilometers of this river system, from Lake Mistassini to James bay. Hundreds of square kilometers of unique landscape will be destroyed
forever. By destroying this area, the fish and the animals living there will be gone forever. All around the targeted area, clearcuts can be seen everywhere, except the Rupert Plateau. This is the last refuge for most of the animals living in this area.

The whole area is also very unique, glacier had deeply modeled the landscape, leaving behind hundreds of eskers, and a never ending chain of lakes.

This river is part of our history in Canada . The fur trade era contributed to develop the Canada we know today as one of the best country to live in the world . The Rupert River is a natural route to James Bay, for hundreds of years it's been the only route.

In the Western part of Canada, hundreds of peoples gatered together to protect a river, and had the federal government designated a National Heritage River program. Please help us to save our river by sending this message to every paddler, fisherman you know. And write to your local representant to inform him about this project. And please help us to save this river from destruction.

Thanks for your attention,

Robert Bernard
Guide and outfitter