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General Info on CHRD Programs, Services and Initiatives

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In 1996, Human Resources Development of Canada (HRDC) and Cree Regional Authority (CRA) signed an agreement to transfer human resources development services to Cree control. Cree Human Resources Department (CHRD) as a department of CRA has the mandate to provide employment and unemployment insurance services, skills development and job training services for the nine Cree communities in the James Bay Territory. The goal of CHRD is to provide services to help Cree and Non-Cree residents to prepare, obtain and keep jobs.

Program and Services

Employment Services: Service provided to assist and counsel clients who seek employment.

Unemployment Services: Service provided to secure benefits of unemployment insurance.

Development and Training Programs: Planning, organizing skills development and job training programs.

Cree Local ManagementBoard (CLMB): Services provided to assist CLMB to review applications and approve training and employment program proposals.

Aboriginal Labour Market Adaptation Support System (ALMASS): Provision of research and development services related to Cree Labour Market issues.

Training Programs

Future Programs:

Persons with Disabilities: Cree persons with disabilities experience difficulties gaining access to employment services and training programs. The CHRD Disabilities Strategy plans to develop program and services to assist Cree persons with disabilities to overcome employment barriers. The primary purpose of this strategy is to provide services that are equivalent to other Cree clientele.

Urban Strategy:

CHRD works in partnership with the First Nations Human Resources Development Commission to provide employment services and training programs to Cree beneficiaries living in urban centers.

For more information to the above programs, please contact the Program Officer at the regional office of Cree Human Resource Department in Montreal.

Youth Employment Initiatives

As part its employment services, CHRD administers Human Resource Development Canada initiatives for youth. These initiatives provide work experience and access to relevant labour market information to unemployed. These programs help youth and students as they move from school to work and into their first job and career. The programs are delivered through partnerships with business, labour, industry, not-for-profit organizations, communities and other levels of government.

Youth Internship Canada:

This program provides funding to employers who create meaningful work experiences for youth (normally under the age of 30) who are unemployed, underemployed, or out of school.

Youth Service Canada:

This initiative provides funding to organizations which create community service projects for youth who face barriers to entering the labour market, young people (normally under the age of 30) who are unemployed, out of school.

Student Summer Job Action:

Under this program, wage subsidies are available to employers who create jobs for Secondary and post-secondary students returning full-time studies.

Youth Information Initiative: This initiative provides young people with labour market information they need to make decisions about their education and careers.

DIAND Youth Employment Strategy Programs

The Cree Human Resource Department of Cree Regional Authority administers four (4) Youth Employment Strategy programs. These programs are:

The main objective of each program is to introduce the labour market to the youth. The objective can be achieved through workshops, training, labour integration, or summer camps.

Each program has different guidelines, such as the type of eligible proposals, deadlines, age category, and duration of each program.

These youth programs are intended for youth attending school and for youth out of school. To obtain the guidelines to the Youth Employment Strategy Programs, please contact the Youth Development Coordinator in your area or correspond to the head office of Cree Human Resource Department.

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