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Since 1982

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In July 1982, Air Creebec was inaugurated. It is a regional air carrier providing scheduled flights for the Northern regions of Quebec and Ontario. The company also has air routes linking these northern communities to important southern cities.

The head office of Air Creebec is in Val-d'Or, Quebec, but the company also has two important bases of operations located in Ontario, one in Moosonee and the other in Timmins.

Its operations are supplemented by mail and freight contracts destined to the northern regions, as well as charter flights.

At the time it was started, the company employed only 17 people, but the total work force has now reached 185.

Air Creebec is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CREECO, the holding company established in 1982 by the Board of Compensation.

President of Air Creebec is Albert W Diamond, vice-presidents are Steven Bearskin and Roderick Pachano, Controller is Alain Laplante, Director of Operations Dave Bertrand, Secretary William S. Grodinsky, and the Board of Directors are the same as for CREECO ---- Roderick Pachano, John Mark, Matthew Swallow, William MacLeod, Jack Blacksmith, Eddie Diamond, Kathleen Black, Bill Namagoose and L. George Pachanos.

President Albert Diamond reported to the Annual General Assembly of the Crees in Ouj?-Bougoumou in August, 1997, that 1996 was "quite a successful year for Air Creebec, even though we did not reach our projected profit for the year. He said the airline --- unlike other airlines --- was able to maintain its fares and rates without increase during a year in which some companies increased fares by as much as 18 per cent.

"The Board of Air Creebec appreciates and recognizes the point when our people say that it costs too much to fly. There was certainly effort on (our) part to try to keep the cost of flying down as much as possible.

"We kept our rates and fares at the same level, even though we had increases in fuel costs, on the purchase of aircraft parts, salary increases and so on. I look at it as quite an achievement that we were still able to show a profit at the end of the year.

"We have also pretty well stabilized the number of employees on our payroll. With the size of the operations, we think we've reached the ideal number of personnel that we require. If there is a concern that has to be noted, it is the downward trend in the number of passengers that fly with us. Over the past three years, the downward trend has been very noticeable, especially when you take into consideration the new routes that we have implemented and increased our traffic with these routes. But, overall you still see that our traffic is down and continues to go down.

"The biggest potential for growth of traffic in the coming years is probably in the development of tourism and I am very happy to say that many of the Cree bands have involved Air Creebec in their plans. We've also made it a priority to provide as much assistance and support as we can to the Cree individuals and Cree bands who want to get into the tourism industry.

"I will conclude by saying that the staff showed great dedication and effort in carrying out their responsibilities and duties. The members of our Board made some very difficult and very good decisions which resulted in the company being in a good position at the year end."

The CREECO annual report indicated that Air Creebec revenues for the year were $23,374,000, down from $24,682,000 in 1996.

The headquarters of Air Creebec are at
P0. Box 430, Val-d'Or Airport,
Val-d'Or, Quebec, J9P 4P4;
Tel: 819-825-8355, fax: 819-825-020