The Grand Council of the Crees

Principles and Priorities on Areas of Investment

Paix des Braves Funds

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1. Future Generations

This investment has been resolved when the Partnership adopted a bylaw to set aside and invest 15 percent of the funds from Quebec starting in year three. Discipline is required to ensure that we adhere to the mission to create and mange the fund whose revenues in the final year of the Paix des Braves will be equal or greater than the payments from Quebec.

2. Economic Development

This investment main priority would be to create jobs. The allocation could be the same as the Board of Compensation formula Community Fund that is based on per capita. The four small communities get the first 5 percent and that balance is divided on per capita.

3. Community Development

This investment would be based on need. The housing backlog would be used to allocate this portion on a prorated basis. These projects are for shelter as well as other community infrastructure and facilities.

4. JBNQA/Paix des Braves legal obligations

This investment would cover the expenses required to implement Quebec's Section 28 JBNQA obligations that were transferred to the Cree Nation in the Paix des Braves. These obligations are: Responsibilities of SODAB, Cree Trappers Assoc., Cree Outfitting and Tourism Assoc., Cree Native Arts and Crafts Assoc., Training Courses and Placement, Community Centers, Essential Sanitation Services, Fire Protection, Assistance to Cree Entrepreneurs.

5. Loans and Debts

The Crees have incurred debts and loans over the years in trying to get the Quebec government to respect it obligations and interim measures in the forestry areas. These loans and debts are owed to the Board of Compensation and James Bay Eeyou.

6. Overhead costs to implement the Paix des Braves/JBNQA

The costs to implement and enforce the Paix des Braves such as Standing Liaison committee, Limited Partnership expenses, Various Committees expenses, Cree Mineral Board,

7. Enforcement of Cree Rights

The BOC past expenditures to highlight and protect Cree Rights in many areas has provided the most beneficial return to the Cree Nation. The Cree Nation still needs to apply pressure against the Federal Government to force it to fulfill it obligations in the JBNQA.

8. Leveraging additional revenue from Quebec, Federal or other source of funds

Need to invest in areas of joint Quebec and Federal JBNQA obligations in order to increase the Federal funding that would normally be available. Other investments that will generate additional revenue to the Cree Nation, such as Federal or Quebec programs that requires applicants to provide a financial contribution, will be a priority.

Allocation of the 2003/04 payment from the Cree Quebec New Relationship Agreement--Paix des Braves.

The Limited Partnership meeting of March 26, 2003 resolved that the allocation of the 2003/04 payment from the Paix des Braves will be allocated on the following basis. The community allocation of $36,500,000.00 is based on a compromise by the local Cree leadership.

This total amount of 36,500,000.00 which is 80 percent of the 03/04 payment will be used to provide shelter and economic development programs in the Cree Communities.

The allocation of $9,500,000 is not yet finalized and is intended to cover JBNQA obligations and operating cost of the new entities created and provide for administrative costs. . This amount will be allocated by the GCCEI/CRA.

The limited partnership is the Recipient of Funding preferred to the Cree Quebec New Relationship Agreement commonly known as Paix des Braves.

Agreement Concerning A New Relationship Proposed Allocation of Commitments for 2003/2004
  Final Allocation
Loans and Debts
GCC(EI) - Negotiation Costs( Unfunded balance of Deficit  March 31,2002 ) 600,000
GCC(EI - Balance of Funding Requirement for 2002-2003 ( Current estimate ) 1,000,000
Board of Compensation - Forestry Loan ( Balance to be Repaid) 300,000
JBEC -Trapper's Assistance Program Loan - Principle Portion 910,000
JBEC -Trapper's Assistance Program Loan - Projected Accrued Interest Costs  
JBEC -EM1 Negotiations & Litigation (1996)  _______________
Sub total 2,810,000
Commitments/ Undertakings Relating to Agreement  
Cree Quebec Forestry Board 1,000,000
Other Forestry Related Expenditures 500,000
Environmental Review -  Rupert 350,000
Limited Partnership Expenses 200,000
Liaison Committee Expenses 200,000
Agreement Implementation Costs 1,000,000
Various Committee  Expenses 150,000
Local Environmental Support - Rouyn Support Function -
Cree Mineral Board Contribution to Operations -Partially  Approved by Council/Board 400,000
Cree Development Corporation 300,000
Cree Trappers Association 1,000,000
Cree Outfitting & Tourism Association ( Operations Only) 300,000
Cree Native Arts & Crafts Association (matching funds) 200,000
James Bay Advisory & Evaluating Committee 80,000
Fire Protection services -(Community services) -
Sub Total 5,680,000
Allocation to GCC(EI) for the Protection & Enhancement of Cree Rights ____585,000
Sub total 585,000
Aanischaaukamikw Center 100,000
Youth Council 100,000
Elders Council 100,000
Cree Communication Society 50,000 
Washaw Sibi Association 75,000
Total Proposed Allocation of Funding to Support Commitments , Undertakings & Others 9,500,000