The Grand Council of the Crees

Agreement Concerning Mineral Resources Development in the James Bay Region

Posted: 0000-00-00


The GOUVERNEMENT DU QUÉBEC, herein represented by Mr. François Gendron, Minister of Natural Resources (MRN),

hereinafter the "Government",


The CREE REGIONAL AUTHORITY, a public corporation duly constituted under the Revised Statutes of QUÉBEC, c. A-6.1, herein represented by Dr. Ted Moses, its Chairman, duly authorized to sign this Agreement,

hereinafter the "CRA"


The CREE MINERAL EXPLORATION BOARD, a corporation duly constituted, herein represented by Mr. Bill Namagoose,

hereinafter the "CMEB".


WHEREAS an Agreement entitled Agreement concerning a New Relationship between le Gouvernement du QUÉBEC and the Crees of QUÉBEC has been executed between the Crees and the Government of QUÉBEC which has provision relating to mineral exploration;

WHEREAS the Government wants to encourage Cree communities to take part in the development of mineral resources in northern QUÉBEC;

WHEREAS the Government wants to promote and enhance knowledge, exploration and development of mineral resources in Northern QUÉBEC;

WHEREAS the parties agree to manage the agreement within the framework of the QUÉBEC Mineral Exploration Assistance Program (QMEAP), of which a copy if here appended;

ACCORDINGLY, the Government, the CRA and the CMEB agree to the following:


The purpose of this agreement is to join the Government, the CRA and the CMEB in a setting up structures and implementing components of a strategy to foster the development of mineral resources in the James Bay region, as described in section 2, and the development of expertise within the Cree Nation which may lead to the creation of mineral exploration companies and new jobs.


This agreement shall cover the territory contemplated by sub-paragraph 22.1.6 of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (hereinafter "JBNQA") and the territories of Mistissini and Whapmagoostui trapping areas located north of the 55th parallel, as described in schedule 1 of section 24 of the JBNQA. This region is referred to as the "James Bay region" in the present agreement.


The agreement seeks to develop and support mineral prospecting and exploration activities, to bring about and encourage activities related to the assessment of the regions's mineral potential, as well as develop regional organizations involved with mineral resources.

More specifically, the agreement seeks to:


The parties agree that this agreement shall contain undertakings relating to: 4.1 Awareness and promotional activities; 4.2 Training; 4.3 Assistance for prospecting; 4.4 Mineral exploration projects; 4.5 Assistance for the creation of Cree mineral exploration enterprises; and 4.6 Activities to enhance knowledge of the territory.

4.1 Awareness and promotional activities

The CMEB may annually allocate a maximum budget of $50,000 to activities which increase awareness among Crees of mineral exploration and which promote the mineral potential of the James Bay territory.

Eligible expenditures must be related to the production of promotional and information material and documents, the delivery of information sessions for the communities concerned, and the organization of or participation in symposia or conventions related to the field of mineral exploration.

4.2 Training

Prospector training and upgrading programs and activities will be delivered and offered in cooperation with organizations having expertise in this field recognized by the MNR.

4.3 Assistance for prospecting

The CMEB may choose either of the following avenues to implement prospecting activities;

Eligible work and expenditures include prospecting (searching for and examining rock outcrops and erratic blocks), stripping, trenching, blasting, sampling, analysis, line cutting, geology, geophysics, geochemistry, drilling, equipment rental, transportation and subsistence expenses in the field, as well as fees for acquiring mineral titles issued by the MNR.

Moreover, the CMEB undertakes to provide, according to availability, the technical and geological assistance required to adequately support the work carried out by the prospectors. Moreover, the CMEB shall make available to the Cree prospectors and Cree communities the geological information and equipment that it has at its disposal.

4.4 Mineral exploration projects

The CMEB may carry out exploration projects on its mining properties or on sites of mineral potential interest.

The CMEB may also participate with mineral exploration enterprises in joint projects carried out in the James Bay territory under partnership agreements.

4.5 Assistance for the creation of Cree mineral exploration enterprises

In order too promote the creation of mineral exploration enterprises by Cree proponents, various business start-up expenditures may be eligible for financial assistance, in particular:

The financial assistance paid by the CMEB may amount to 50% of eligible expenditures, up to a maximum of $50,000 per enterprise.

4.6 Activities to enhance knowledge of the territory

The MNR shall annually conduct, in accordance with a five-year program and budget appropriations, geological survey, research and mapping activities in the James Bay territory. The MNR shall consult every year with the CMEB regarding proposed program and use, wherever possible, available local labour and services. The information thus gathered will be made available to the CMEB.


For the term of the agreement, the Government shall:


The CRA shall:


The CMEB shall:


For the purpose of managing, monitoring and evaluating this agreement, the parties shall establish a follow-up committee comprising one representative of each signatory.

The mandate of this committee shall be to ensure compliance with the clauses of the agreement, inform the officials of the signatory organizations of any impediment to its proper implementation, and propose, where applicable, potential solutions. The follow-up committee may also evaluate the opportunity to renew the agreement and to make necessary recommendations.


9. 1 Term of the agreement

This agreement shall have a term of five (5) years (subject to parliamentary appropriation); it shall take effect as of the 2001-2002 financial year and end on March 31, 2006. For the 2001-2002 financial year, the funding shall be provided at the latest March 31st, 2002.

At the start of the 2005-2006 financial year, the parties to the agreement shall initiate, where applicable, discussions and negotiations concerning its renewal.

9.2 Modifications to the agreement

Any modification of this agreement shall require the written consent of the signatories.

9.3 Communication between the parties

Any written communication between the parties shall be deemed to have been received by the recipient if it is delivered by registered mail to the following addresses:

Gouvernement du QUÉBEC
Ministère des Ressources naturelles du QUÉBEC
Édifice de l'Atrium
5700, 4e Avenue Ouest, bureau A-211
Charlesbourg (QUÉBEC) G1H 6R1
To the attention of the Deputy-Minister responsible for Mining

Cree Regional Authority
2 Lakeshore Road
Nemaska (QUÉBEC) J0Y 3B0
To the attention of the Director General

Cree Mineral Exploration Board
2 Lakeshore Road
Nemaska (QUÉBEC) J0Y 3B0
To the attention of the Mr. Bill Namagoose

Each party may change its address by means of a written notice given as indicated above.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have signed at _________________________, this ______ day of ____________________ 2002.

For and on behalf of the GOVERNMENT

François Gendron
Minister of Natural Resources


For and on behalf of the CRA

Dr. Ted Moses
Chairman of the Cree Regional Authority


For and on behalf of the CEMB

Mr. Bill Namagoose
Representative of the CEMB