The Grand Council of the Crees

Residential Schools Bulletin #7

Residential Schools Bulletin #7

Posted: 2007-09-04

1. End of Opt-out Period

The period of time during which residential school survivors and their families could decide to remove themselves from the proposed settlement ("opt-out"), ended on August 20, 2007.

Fewer than 5,000 survivors opted out; therefore the settlement will be implemented as of August 19, 2007.

Application forms will be available after September 19, 2007 on the internet at two different sites:

You will also be able to call, toll free, to 1-866-699-1742 to obtain a form.

Some former students have registered to get a form. If you have registered, you will receive the application in the mail.

2. Identity documents

In order to obtain a payment, survivors will have to show proof of identity. We suggest you get your identity documents ready now.

Two types of documentation will be permitted (you only need to do one of either a. or b.):

a. An original birth certificate (no photocopies), OR

b. If you can't get an original birth certificate, you will need certified copies of two of the following documents (one of these documents must have your picture on it):

If you have an original birth certificate, you will not need to get it certified.

3. How to certify documents

The following people will be able to certify identity documents:

Chief or Councillor of First Nations Band Council

Council of the Métis Settlements General Council and Members of the Saskatchewan Provincial Métis Council


Executive Officer of Nunavut Tungavik Inc.

Executive Officer of Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (Northwest Territories)

Executive Officer Makivik (Northern Quebec)


Lawyer (member of a provincial bar association)

Notary in Quebec



Medical Doctor

Minister of religion authorized under provincial law to perform marriages

Notary public



Police officer (municipal, provincial or RCMP)


Principal of a primary or secondary school

Professional accountant (APA, CA, CGA, CMA, PA, RPA)

Professional engineer (P.Eng., Eng. in Quebec)

Senior administrator in a community college (includes CEGEPs)

Senior administrator or teacher in a university

Social Worker with MSW (Masters in Social Work


There are specific instructions on how to get a document certified.

  1. On the copy of the identity document that does not have a photo; the person certifying the document must write "I certify this to be a true copy of the original".
  2. On the copy of the identity document that does have a photo; the person certifying the document must write "I certify that this is a true copy of the original and that the image is a true likeness of the applicant. I am a Canadian citizen and have known the applicant personally for at least two years."
  3. On all copies of identity documents, the person certifying the document must also include their printed name, position, signature, contact information and the date they certified the document.
  4. CEP Applications for Individuals who have passed away

It is possible for the legal heirs to apply for a CEP payment for someone who has passed away since May 30, 2005 (or since October 5, 1996 if the deceased person went to the Mohawk Institute at Brantford).

If you wish to do this, there will be a special form. You will need to provide your own identity documents (as set out above) plus:

  1. The identity documents (as set out above) of the person who has passed away, and
  2. The death certificate of the person who has passed away; and
  3. Documents proving that you are the official liquidator (executor) of the estate