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Cree village prepares for historic event

Cree village prepares for historic event

Posted: 2006-08-28

Last Updated: Monday, August 28, 2006 | 12:50 PM ET

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The Anglican Church of Canada will ordain six Cree elders in a northern Quebec village so they can perform services in the church.

Caleb Lawrence is the archbishop of the diocese of Moosonee, where six out of 10 members are Cree.

He said other communities are excited by what's happening in Chisasibi, a Cree village of 3,500 about 970 kilometres north of Montreal.

"We have already had at least two other communities where they are looking seriously at the same kind of thing ... looking to their own people, identifying their spiritual leaders and expressing a hope that they can be trained and equipped so that they can eventually be ordained in this type of ministry."

Lawrence said it's the first time for the James Bay Cree that so many people will be ordained at once.

Eliza Webb, a former teacher, is one of them. She's well-practised in providing spiritual guidance for young people and now, in becoming a deacon, she hopes to set an example for a new generation.

"They never thought that a Cree person could do this. There was always a white person that came to our community as a minister, as a deacon. There were no Crees, so it's a start for our community."

Ordination services will take place on Wednseday