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Quebec Inuit endorse land claims deal (Via

Quebec Inuit endorse land claims deal (Via

Posted: 2006-11-01


Last Updated: Monday, October 30, 2006 | 4:05 PM ET

CBC News

Quebec's northern Inuit nation has approved a potentially lucrative land deal that will grant it control over hundreds of islands in the Hudson and Ungava bays, and the Hudson Strait.

About 78 per cent of eligible voters endorsed the deal, which is part of the Nunavik Land Claims Agreement.

If all goes well, the Inuit will now take over the management and control of about 5,000 square kilometres in the area, and will take control over the mineral deposits in the territory.

The head of the Makivik Economic Development Corporation, Pita Aatami, said he hopes the government will complete the transaction as promised.

"We've been assured by the present government that they're ready to go ahead, and sign an agreement with us. So I'm very positive this will go through. I just hope that they don't get cold feet," he told CBC Monday.

Ottawa has indicated the deal could be ratified by the end of 2006.