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Remarks from Grand Chief Matthew Mukash: Opening of Kanawhymigoo Childcare Centre Second Facitlity

Remarks from Grand Chief Matthew Mukash: Opening of Kanawhymigoo Childcare Centre Second Facitlity

Posted: 2006-10-20

Good day to everyone in attendance. I have the privilege to be able to share some words with you at the opening of the second Kanawhymigoo childcare facility in the beautiful community of Wemindji. Wemindji is a developing and growing community progressing in many areas. Childcare facilities in Eeyou Istchee are opening at a remarkable rate and at a pace that is recognizing our needs in the Cree Nation. Our demographics are increasing rapidly, and we have people at the local and regional levels working to make sure that we have the services that will compliment our growth.

Although I am not able to be there with you today, I would like to say that when I received the invitation to attend the opening, it was exciting to know that this second facility will be the home of a sensory room, a room like no other in the our any of our Cree childcare facilities. What is even more impressive is the fact that the membership of Wemindji, the people who live in this community, put in their efforts and time to make this service a reality. I understand that through the fundraising you have done in your community, you have been able to make this sensory room available to not only the children that use the childcare services, but that it is available to your community on a whole.

You have provided a fine example of community contribution and demonstrated the kind of care our people have for their children. Families will have the resources they need, educators will have the tools they need to help the children, and the children will have the opportunity to grow up with the best possible resources to become contributing members of their community each in their own way. Life is work in progress, we all learn as we go along. Congratulations today, and may your facility and hard work be an example and inspiration for the rest of the Nation.


Grand Chief Matthew Mukash