The Grand Council of the Crees

Wildlife Protection Officers Graduation, Message to Graduates Delivered by Deputy Grand Chief Ashley Iserhoff

Wildlife Protection Officers Graduation, Message to Graduates Delivered by Deputy Grand Chief Ashley Iserhoff

Posted: 2006-12-16

Delivered December 15th, 2006.

Wachiya! Kwei! It is an honour and it is my great pleasure for me to share this event with you. I say congratulations to all of the graduates here today as we share this day with you and your families.

This day is significant as it marks the 21st graduating class of wildlife protection officers. I commend you for your dedication, your hard work and your success. You overcame the hardships which you may have encountered personally having to leave home to come study here. But you did it!!!

I know today for all of you this will mark the beginning of work that will be close to your hearts. The protection and management of wildlife resources is a serious and important responsibility. The earth and land have always been generous to us in providing clothing, shelter and nourishment. We have a duty to protect those resources to the extent they can continue for generations to come, to provide an abundance of resources and goods.

Today, I also see you graduates as having become a resource yourselves. In the areas to which you will travel, you will carry with you knowledge and experience to make a contribution to the beauty and bounty our province is known for. To those of the graduates who are Cree and Inuit, you will bring back to Northern Quebec, to Eeyou Istchee and Nunavik, skills and resources for us to build capacity in our communities and region to engage in wildlife protection and management regimes. Traditionally, we have respected our ways, but with increased access and recreational activities in terms of hunting, fishing and gathering, there exists a need to enforce regulations and perimeters to address increasing interests in the territory.

I am sure that all of you have family, friends and communities that share with you the joy and celebration of your success today. The people here join me to say that we are very proud to be a part of day that honours your accomplishments. I would like to extend you all of the best wishes for you in your chosen professions as wildlife protection officers and would like to thank your instructors and all the people that have been involved in your program and contributed to this day.

I would also like to wish you the best of holiday seasons with your families.

May God be with all of you this coming festive season and the coming of a brand new prosperous year and career for the graduates.