The Grand Council of the Crees

Niskamoon Graduation and Golf Tournament, Belvedere Club, Val d'Or, Quebec Remarks by Deputy Grand Chief Ashley Iserhoff

Niskamoon Graduation and Golf Tournament, Belvedere Club, Val d'Or, Quebec Remarks by Deputy Grand Chief Ashley Iserhoff

Posted: 2007-07-12

Good evening, I hope all of you had a wonderful day golfing. Today, we are here to celebrate together the work of Niskamoon in our communities, and also to congratulate the recent graduates of a Niskamoon sponsored training in the Automated Systems Electro-Mechanics, Industrial Construction and Maintenance Mechanics, and Linemen programs. It is with great pleasure that I on behalf of the Grand Council of the Crees and the Cree Nation congratulate you on your success.

Learning skills or a trade is important as there are many jobs in our territory for semi-skilled and skilled workers. When our people take the time to learn skills which will not only help them get immediate work, but also build a pool of skilled labour for the future of our Nation it is important. There have been many development projects in our territories in the past, and I am sure there will be more in the future. Perhaps, not on the scale of some of the previous developments but maybe in other directions too, as we look at other forms of development and building more infrastructure in Eeyou Istchee.

Golfing, the barbeque at lunch and now the dinner all are a part of a day to celebrate the hard work many of us have engaged in over the past year. Today, we celebrate with the graduates their ability to bring more skills to our communities but also our ability to provide more training and opportunities for our people. I thank all of you who have made the extra effort to realize these opportunities.

As with any graduate there is a history of support by family, friends, employers, or the community. I would like to acknowledge all of those who supported the graduates who are here today, their success is a reflection of your contributions as well. Thank You.

With new initiatives by organizations such as Niskamoon, Cree Human Resources and Development, and the Cree School Board, more training and work programs are possible in the Cree Nation. These efforts go to building brighter and more prosperous tomorrows for our people and the communities. Our ability to participate more in the development in our territory is something we have built together as a Nation.

So congratulations to all here tonight whether you are celebrating the graduates of these programs or the work and contribution Niskamoon has done over the past year. As a result of new steps forward in our relationship with those working around us and in our traditional lands, we have managed to create new and better partnerships in development and work. We continue as a Nation to work towards the goals of establishing good examples of mutually respectful and beneficial relations.

We established bodies like Niskamoon as vehicles to bring us closer to what we had envisioned, and lay a strong foundation for us to build upon. Please enjoy your evening, and I hope your day of golfing was equally enjoyable. Meegwetch.