The Grand Council of the Crees

Applications to Cree Human Resources Development Programs (CHRD)

Applications to Cree Human Resources Development Programs (CHRD)

Posted: 2008-02-15

Attention Individuals. Cree and/or Non-Cree Employers and Organizations The Cree Human Resources Development Department is now receiving applications for its programs for the fiscal year 2008-2009.

The CHRD programs can provide financial assistance to help individuals upgrade their skills, gain work experience, start their own business and encourage employers to hire them. Help employers to create new jobs and upgrade employee's skills.

In order to be treated in priority, application shall be received no later than March 18, 2008. Any application received after this deadline is subject to the conditional funding not allocated.

We request prior to your application that you consult with our Community Employment Officers (CEO's) or Program Officers to ensure that all information required in your project proposal is provided and complete. Application forms are available at any of our CHRD offices and on our website,

Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact your local Cree Employment Officer located in your communityor the regional office in Mistissini at:

Telephone: (418) 923-2525
Fax: (418) 923-2111

All application must be sent to:
Coordination Office
32 Amisk Street
Mistissini, Qc.

It will be our pleasure to assist you with your projects.