The Grand Council of the Crees

Matoush Uranium Advanced Mining Exploration

Posted: 2010-01-15

Please read before proceeding to the link below

The link below will direct you to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) website where arrangements were made, through the federal Review panel, for the dissemination of information and documents, including the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to ensure public participation to the review of this project. The federal Review panel (also known as COFEX-south, established under section 22 of the JBNQA) is composed of members appointed by Canada and the Cree Regional Authority who is presently reviewing the EIS.

Section 22 of the JBNQA established an environmental evaluation and review process that is applied to new development projects before they are given the authorisation to proceed. The Cree Regional Authority appoints members to the environmental panels operating under section 22 for federal jurisdiction (COFEX-south), provincial jurisdiction (COMEX) or local jurisdiction; category 1A (COFEX-south) and category 1B (COMEX). These members are directly involved in the review of the projects and in the elaboration of recommendations regarding projects under review.

The Matoush Uranium Advanced Mining Exploration is subjected to a comprehensive environmental review process. The proponent, Strateco, after receiving directives drafted by the Evaluating committee has submitted its Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in early November 2009.
Click here to proceed to the Strateco uranium project section on the CEAA website.