The Grand Council of the Crees

Department of the Environment

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The Cree Regional Authority Department of Environment falls under the Traditional Pursuits Agency directed by Mr. Willy Iserhoff.

The Department provides backup expertise to the Cree representatives on the various environmental and wildlife committees set up under the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement. It also provides similar expertise to the new Forest Management Regime set up by the 2002 New Agreement with Quebec and to the Nadoshtin Corporation, which is concerned with environmental and other impacts of the EM1 Project. In addition, the department works in close cooperation with the Cree communities and Cree entities (both local and regional) in the writing of impact reports or the studies and works that are done in respect to local environmental matters.

The Committees derived from the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement and supported by the Department are as follows: The James Bay Advisory Committee on the Environment, The Evaluating Committee, The Federal Review Panel and The Provincial Review Committee from Section 22 of the Agreement as well as the Hunting Fishing and Trapping Coordinating Committee, from Section 24 of the Agreement.

The Department has five staff members: Mr. Alan Penn Scientific Advisor, Mrs. Ginnette Lajoie Coordinator, Mr. Rene Dion Wildlife and Fisheries Specialist and Mr. Sam Etapp and Mr. Geoffrey Quaile Forestry and General Environmental Impacts Specialist. (By clicking on the names of the above mentioned people you can see an outline of the work that is presently being undertaken and that they have undertaken in the past.