The Grand Council of the Crees

Cree Human Resources Development (CHRD) Department

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The Cree Human Resources Development (CHRD) Department was established to help build a qualified and professional workforce to fill any employment need in Eeyou Istchee. This department is also in charge of empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge they’ll need to achieve meaningful and sustainable employment and long-term personal success.


The CHRD of the Cree Regional Authority is responsible for:

  1. Creating and delivering a wide range of community, sectoral and territorial-based programs to encourage learning and skills development, and boost the employability of Cree
  2. Managing federally-funded programs in partnership with Human Resource and Skills Development Canada, and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, including receiving and evaluating applications for funding


  1. Develop and deliver employment and integration programs, community development programs, and special programs for persons with disabilities, as well as business assistance programs, such as:
    1. Cree Jobs Partnership, to provide institutional and on-the-job training to 418 Cree people for the food and beverage, transportation, and construction industries
    2. Eeyou Mining Skills Enhancement Project, to provide Cree with skills development and training-to-employment opportunities in mining-related occupations (i.e. mechanic, miner, welder, electrician)
    3. Eeyou Communications Network Project, to assist Cree participants from the Eeyou Istchee and James Bay area through training opportunities and work experiences
    4. Human Resources Development Plan, to deliver programs and services to the population of Eeyou Istchee and enhance their industrial skills
  2. Develop specific programs to help train or retrain workers, provide financial support during training, and promote business development
  3. Deliver youth employment strategy initiatives, such as the skills links programs and the summer student development program
  4. Proactively respond to changing community and client needs by:
    1. Enhancing services to communities and organizations
    2. Supporting demand-based capacity building
    3. Building partnerships
    4. Evaluating programs to improve effectiveness
    5. Integrating and aligning operations with programs
    6. Improving performance management


In Mistissini:

Louisa Saganash      

Denise Brown           
Coordinator of Programs and Services

Michael Petawabano            
Coordinator of Territorial  Programs

Abel J. Trapper         
Sectorial Officer - Mining & Construction

Michael J Mianscum 
Sectoral Officer - Telecom & Transport

Benjamin Loon         
Sectorial Officer- Forestry & Tourism

Anna Trapper           
Financial Program Officer

Christiane Michaud  
Administrative Assistant


Jennifer Longchap   
General Secretary

Deborah Matoush    
Program Officer (In land)

Lana Wapachee (Educational leave Linda Shecapio)      
Career Counsellor ( In Land)

Deborah Loon          
Community Youth Development Officer

Norman Blacksmith 
Cree Employment officer

Elsie Neeposh           
Cree Employment Officer

Mike Pelletier
Financial Program Officer

Assistant Cree Employment Officer