The Grand Council of the Crees

Environment and Remedial Works Department

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As Eeyou Istchee is of such central importance to the Cree, their culture and traditions, the Environment and Remedial Works Departments has been entrusted with developing, recommending the implementing the necessary measure to protect the environment, as well as build the development projects needed to operate the Cree territories.


The Environment and Remedial Works department of the Cree Regional Authority is responsible for:

These priorities are managed through four strategic priorities:


Changes in territory governance structure

Land use planning and resource management

Environmental assessment

Capacity and Capability


In Mistissini:

Isaac Voyageur         

Robin Campbell        

Robert M. Shecapio  
GIS Technician

Jonathan Bosum ( Educational Leave)      
GIS Technician

Matthew Longchap  
Cree Enhancement Program

Abel Neeposh           
Forestry Field Monitor

Stephan Ouellet        
Forestry Engineer

In Montreal:

Alan Penn      
Scientific Advisor

Christopher  Beck    
Forestry and Mining Coordinator

Nadia Saganash        
Wildlife Management Administrator

Kelly Leblanc
Environmental Analyst

Cameron Mclean      
Environment Management Specialist

Aurelie Boubeau-Lemieux  
Wildlife Biologist

Chantal Tetreault
Environment Analyst

Maxine Mark-Stewart          
GIS Technician

Aurora M. Hernandez          
Mining Engineer

Sharon Matoush       
Environment Secretary

Jessica Labrecque    
Project Researcher