The Grand Council of the Crees

Eeyou Eenou Magazine

Eeyou Eenou Spring 2006

Eeyou Eenou cover, Spring 2006

2 A Message from the Editor
4 Moving Forward Towards Governance
9 Board of Directors 2006
10 International Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Recent Successes – Ashley Iserhoff
11 From its formation
12 Conservatives Say They’ll Meet Residential School Obligations
15 Update on the Negotiations Concerning the Settlement of the Residential School Claims
20 Update Bulletin 1 – On the Settlement of the Residential School Claims
22 Update Bulletin 2 – On the Settlement of the Residential School Claims
25 Washaw Sibi in Negotiations with Government
26 Conservatives Committed to Proceed with Cree Agreement
28 Helping Cree Tradespeople Overcome Barriers
32 MoCreebec Discussions Stalled
35 Where There Is SMOKE
36 Cree Childcare and Family Services
40 Trying to Keep Business Travel Closer to Home
42 The Mercury Issue Related to the Eastmain 1A/Rupert Diversion
50 Another Perspective: Mercury – Whose Problem Is It Anyway?

Eeyou Eenou Winter 2005 #2

Cover of Eeyou Eenou Winter 2005 #2

2 A message from the Editor
4 Moving forward towards governance
9 Board of Directors 2005
10 Inaugural speech by Deputy Grand Chief Ashley Iserhoff
14 Where are we in the offshore island negotiations?
17 The broken promise of section 35 of the Canadian Constitution
21 Waswanipi: a forestry program success story
24 Health and Social Services Agreement takes shape in Eeyou Istchee
26 Washaw Sibi: a history of injustice
30 Study questions benefits of pig farm in Chapais region
36 Children's artwork inspires Forestry Board logo
38 CTA proposes updated trapper training program
40 The status of Indian Residential Schools
45 The Supreme Court of Canada decision in Barney/ Blackwater
46 Wind power in Quebec

Eeyou Eenou Winter 2005

Cover of Eeyou Eenou Winter 2005

2 A message from the Editor
5 Board of Directors 2004
6 A message from the Grand Chief
12 Just one year old, Sweetgrass spins gold
19 New faces on the Télébec team
22 Growing child care careers in Cree communities
26 New futures
28 The fight to preserve our language and culture
31 Bingo comes to Oujé-Bougoumou
32 Progress being made on proposed parkand wildlife reserve
42 Will the Crees, Quebec and Canada finalize an
Oujé-Bougoumou/Mistissini ComplementaryAgreement to the JBNQA before March 31st, 2005?
46 Washaw Sibi moving forward
49 Leading the fight for indigenous rights
52 Modern telecommunications for Cree communities
59 It’s a matter of access

Eeyou Eenou Summer 2004

Cover of Eeyou Eenou Summer 2004

2 A message from the editor
5 Board of Directors 2004
6 A Message From the Grand Chief
14 Cree/Quebec Forestry Board
16 1974-2004: 30 Years of Progress
27 A brief update on developments at the Cree School Board
30 School Board Funding Package focuses on adult education
32 In memory of Robert Jared Epstein
34 The Boumhounan Committee: a study in cooperation
38 Health Board achieves multi-year funding
40 From hog farms to howitzers
45 The EM-1-A/ Rupert Diversion Project
46 Ipperwash Inquiry into the shooting of Dudley George starts in Ontario
50 Finding balance in the fight against diabetes

Eeyou Eenou Winter 2004

Cover of Eeyou Eenou Winter 2004

5 Board of Directors 2004
6 Message from The Grand Chief
10 Report on federal negotiations
14 Gambling
16 Environment hearings a first for Quebec
18 New forestry regime begins to take root
20 Forestry board head welcomes challenge
22 Updating the Oujé-Bougoumou pollution issue
24 What is happening offshore
26 Washaw SIBI: The tenth Cree First Nation
28 The story behind the job numbers
30 The Cree Mineral Exploration Board
34 Wildlife conservation officers on the job
36 Director of police walks a new beat
38 First obligation agreements Hydro Quebec/Crees

Eeyou Eenou Spring 2003

Cover of Eeyou Eenou Spring 2003

5 Board of Directors 2003
6-13 An interview with Ted Moses
14 Principles and Priorities on Areas of Investment
15-16 Allocation of 2003-2004 Payment from Cree-Quebec
17 Establishing a Financial Foundation for the Future
18-19 Mistissini Lodge Prepares to Welcome Visitors
20-30 The Nadoshtin Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Program
31-36 Forestry in Eeyou Istchee: One Year Later
37 The Kanak Visit
38 New Protected Areas for Waskaganish Territory
39-41 Boumhounan - One Year Later
42-43 Weh-Sees Indohoun and Ad-Hoc Committee
44-45 Vocational Training Centre to be Built in Waswanipi
46 The Troilus Agreement
47 Exercise and Healthy Eating: Solutions to Childhood Obesity

Eeyou Eenou August 2002

Cover of Eeyou Eenou Summer 2002

5 Board of Directors 2002
6-15 Grand Chief Interviews Ted Moses
19-17 Cape Jones Update
18-19 Update on Oujé-Bougoumou Toxic Contamination Issue
20-23 Summary of the Nadoshtin Agreement
24 Allocation of 2002-03 Payment from Cree-Quebec New Relationship Agreement
25 Call for Proposals - Apitisiwiin Corporation Employment Initiatives and Temporary Employment Program
26-29 Summary of the Boumhounan Agreement
30-33 First Walk for Sovereignty
34-37 Update on the Implementation of the New Forestry Provisions
38-41 Working on Eeyou Istchee
42 Establishing a Financial Foundation for the Future
43 2002: The Year of the Fires
44-47 Our Community Essay/ Artwork Winners

Eeyou Eenou February 2002

Cover of Eeyou Eenou Winter 2002

5 Board of Directors 2002
6-12 An Interview with Ted Moses
13-20 Summary of Agreement with Quebec
22-23 Centre Piece - Map
24-25 The Meeting of the Trappers Impacted by the Eastmain and Eastmain 1A-Ruperts Projects
26 The Troilus Agreement
27 Updates: Oujé-Bougoumou Toxic Contamination
28-33 Reports on Community Meetings
34-35 Update: Firearms Legislation
35 Diamonds Sparkle in the Otis Mountains
36-37 Update: Clean up of Cape Jones Mid-Canada Radar Site
38-39 Facts Concerning the Cree Economy, and Project Impacts
40-41 Forestry Part II: A Share in the Forest Resources
42 Transfer of Lands from Mistissini to Oujé-Bougoumou Finally on the Road to Resolution
43 I Support the Agreement
44 Resolution

Eeyou Eenou December 2001

Cover of Eeyou Eenou December 2001

5 Board of Directors 2001
6 Response from the Editor
7 Billy Diamond
8-21 An Interview with Ted Moses
22-27 The Agreement in Principle
28-29 Forestry, Part 1
30-35 Cree Rights in the Context of the AIP