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Grand Council Of The Crees (Eeyou Istchee)/ Cree Nation Government Maintains Call Upon Quebec For A Provincial Judicial Inquiry To Examine The Relationship Between Public Security Forces And Indigenous Women

"The allegations of police misconduct toward indigenous women that surfaced in Val d’Or and in many other communities, and what continues to happen across the country, are appalling, but even more so if we fail to take resolute and specific action to hold those responsible accountable and to prevent such abuse in the future. As mentioned many times since October, I will stand with anyone who will work towards bringing an end to violence against First Nations women and girls." – Grand Chief Dr. Matthew Coon


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Statement delivered by National Chief Perry Bellegarde Assembly of First Nations, Canada

UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues Fifteenth Session Thursday, May 12, 2016 Agenda Item 4

We commend Canada for announcing unqualified support for the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. I would like to lift up Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould and Minister Carolyn Bennett for their statements. This is a critical step to achieving a just and lasting reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and Canada. Now, we look forward to the hard work of translating that expression of support into action as full partners, both in Canada and internationally.


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Broadback Forest Roads Will Not Encroach On Proposed Protected Area

Following the release of the COMEX report regarding the proposed construction of two major access roads in sections H west and I on Waswanipi territory, and the certificate of authorization issued for these projects, the Cree First Nation of Waswanipi is satisfied that the approval of these roads in the Broadback Forest will not encroach on its proposed protected area.


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Cree Nation of Eeyou Istchee Urges Federal Government to Support Private Member’s Bill Calling for Implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

A private member’s bill is being presented to Parliament on Thursday April 21 by NDP MP Romeo Saganash. The bill calls for a full and comprehensive implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.


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Private bill is a chance for Canada and indigenous peoples to move forward

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) brought to light past Canadian policies and practices toward indigenous peoples that remain in urgent need of redress, as the recent suicide epidemics underscore.

A private member’s bill to be presented to Parliament Thursday by NDP MP Romeo Saganash presents an opportunity to reject the colonial past in favour of a contemporary approach based on justice, equality, respect for human rights and good faith. The bill calls for the adoption of a legislative framework to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples:<


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Grand Council of the Crees (Eeyou Istchee)/ Cree Nation Government Council/Board Meeting

Tuesday, March 22 (all day) and Wednesday, March 23 (Morning), 2016 Matagami, Quebec

Eeyou Istchee James Bay Regional Government Meeting/ Gouvernement regional d’Eeyou Istchee Baie-James Wednesday, March 23 (afternoon) and Thursday, March 24 (morning), 2016


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Welcome, Wachiya

Welcome to the Grand Council of the Crees (Eeyou Istchee) Web site, where we share with the world our vision for our nation. Here we explain to interested observers our culture, values, problems and hopes and describe our many political, cultural, social, economic and spiritual activities. In addition we offer readers links to major stories of aboriginal interest in other parts of Canada and around the world.

GCC(EI)/CNG 2015-2016 Annual Report

The 2015-2016 GCC(EI)/CNG 2015-2016 Annual Report

"This year marked the 40 th anniversary of the signa- ture of our Treaty—the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, and provided us with an opportunity to re- view our achievements over that period of time, to ap- preciate how far we have come as a Nation, and to look forward to see what remains yet to be done." - Grand Chief/ Chairman Dr. Matthew Coon Come

View the 2015-2016 Annual Report

Eenou Eeyou Annual Report 2014-2015

Eenou Eeyou Annual Report 2014-2015

"It is a pleasure to once again report on the progress the Cree Communities and the Cree Nation Government are making through our Nation- to-Nation partnership with the Government of Quebec affirmed in the New Relation- ship Agreement, often called the Paix des Braves, and the Governance Agreement." - Grand Chief/ Chairman Dr. Matthew Coon Come

View the 2014-2015 Annual Report

ESIA ANALYSIS Forestry Roads L-209, E-West by Barrette-Chapais Forestry Roads H-West and I by Matériaux Blanchet

Forestry Roads L-209, E-West by Barrette-Chapais Forestry Roads H-West and I by Matériaux Blanchet

Stronger Together

The Stronger Together Conference will be an opportunity for political and business people from the Cree Nation to come together and discuss the realities, goals and challenges we have in regards to the economic well-being of our communities.

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James Bay Cree Against Uranium

GCC CNG Annual Report 2014-2015

GCC CRA Annual Report 2014-2015

The Journey of Nishiyuu

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Nishiyuu Walk from Whapmagoostui to Ottawa

A group of young men came together within the community of Whapmagoostui, on the east coast of Hudson Bay, to embark on a difficult journey.

They joined together in solidarity with other First Nations in Canada to express to the world their resolve to make a difference in support of better conditions for Aboriginal people in Canada and globally. They came together to promote protection of the environment and stewardship of the land for future generations of all descent, all around the world.

The young men were inspired by David Kawapit to walk a great distance across foreign terrain, facing extreme weather conditions along the way. They started from Whapmagoostui and walked 1,700 kilometers to Canada's National Capital of Ottawa. The group set out as just seven walkers and arrived in Ottawa weeks later with over 4,000 people who joined in support of their cause.

The Nishiyuu Walkers, through their heroics and leadership, inspired many Canadians from all walks of life to come together and express their solidarity, intent on creating a better future.

Cree Vision of Plan Nord

"The Cree of Eeyou Istchee welcome the opportunity to provide our perspective on the Plan Nord. The Cree welcome responsible, sustainable development of our traditional lands, Eeyou Istchee. We want to be real partners in the development of our territory's vast potential. At the outset, one should recall certain key principles." - Grand Chief Dr. Matthew Coon Come