The Grand Council of the Crees

Critical Issues

Indian Residential Schools Settlement

On November 20,2005, an Agreement in Principle was reached between AFN,Canada, a number of churches, class action lawyers, and independent lawyers to settle claims relating to residential schools. Back in December, 2005 Matthew Coon Come and Diane Soroka reported to the Council/Board on the developments in the residential school file and, in particular, on the negotiations with Canada for the settlement of survivors’ claims. When the Council/Board reviewed the Agreement in Principle, they agreed to approve it in principle but stated that any approval would be subject to consultations with the survivors.

Several more months of negotiations took place. . Diane Soroka has been able to attend these meetings on behalf of GCCEI because she has represented residential school survivors. Matthew Coon Come has been involved on this file and works closely with Mrs. Soroka and both report to the Grand Chief and the Council/Board of GCCEI/CRA as these meetings progress. In addition, Grand Chief Mathew Coon Come met personally with Frank Iacobucci (the negotiator for Canada) to bring forward some of the Cree concerns particularly in regard to ensuring that survivors were properly informed and that they would have adequate time to make the important decisions required by the settlement.