The Grand Council of the Crees

Critical Issues

Cree Naskapi Pension Plan

The “James Bay Cree-Naskapi Pension Plan” has been in effect since April 1, 1985. On January 1, 1995, this plan was split into two pension plans and the participating employers were assigned to one or the other depending on whether their main activities are of federal or provincial (Québec) jurisdiction. The “James Bay Cree-Naskapi Pension Plan” has the same plan provisions as the “James Bay Cree-Naskapi Québec Pension Plan” such latter plan being created by the splitting.

The plan’s main objective is to encourage employees to save for their retirement. The plan offers retirement benefits which, when added to the government pensions and personal savings, will help you to benefit from a comfortable retirement. The plan also offers benefits in the event of your death or termination of employment before retirement.