The Grand Council of the Crees

Whapmagoostui Results of August Elections 2009

Posted: 2009-08-22

Official Results Signed by Frances George

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure and honor to inform you ofthe official results ofthe Whapmagoostui First Nation Elections 2009. The following are the results:

Office of the Chief Mr. Stanley George
Office of the Deputy-Chief Mrs.Victoria George
Woman Councilor Vacant
Youth Councilor Mr. Donnie Dick
Elder Councilor Mr. Robbie Masty
Regular Councilor Mr. Robbie Dick
Mr. Eddie Masty
Mr. William Kawapit

For your information, the reason for these two vacant seats is because there were two candidates who were voted in two Seats and therefore had to decline one of the seats.

For the vacant seats, the elections are to be held on August 20 (advance polls) and August 27 (Election day).

Should you required additional information, pIease contact me personally or my assistant, Ms. Karen Masty.


Frances George
Returning Officer/Corporate Secretary