The Grand Council of the Crees

An Embassy...In Québec City!

L'Actualité February 2011, p. 15

Posted: 2011-01-11

L'Actualité February 2011, p. 15



When Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come informed Jean Charest of his decision to open an "embassy" for the Cree Nation in Québec City, the Premier gave a slightly perplex smile. An embassy in a provincial capital? Totally unprecedented! But the Aboriginal leader was not kidding. Indeed, last December, the Crees inaugurated their Embassy in a residential building on Grande Allée Boulevard. "We want to maintain ongoing diplomatic relations with Québec," said Romeo Saganash, Director of Government Relations and International Affairs for the Grand Council of the Crees (GCC). The Cree Nation already has an "embassy" in Ottawa and an office in Montreal.

The Québec Embassy will undoubtedly be a hotbed of discussion on the future Northern Plan, which must take into consideration the territory covered by the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, signed by Québec, the Crees and the Inuit in 1975. The Embassy will also include a cultural mission, disseminating Cree arts and crafts and information, and sponsoring various activities. It will also welcome foreign delegations. In fact, last summer, Sudanese representatives visited the Embassy to obtain information on the Cree referendum process, which was used to approve the 2002 Paix des braves Agreement.