The Grand Council of the Crees

Interest In Cree Elections

Posted: 2013-07-18

The 2013 election results for Grand Chief/Chairperson and Deputy Grand Chief/Vice-Chairperson for the Grand Council of the Crees of Eeyou Istchee/Cree Regional Authority have produced some very interesting statistics.

Internet statistics have revealed a very high level of interest in this election, not only throughout Eeyou Istchee but also nationally and abroad, attracting an international audience. The statistics suggest a high level of interest in the innovative developments of the Cree Nation, including its governance innovations, its approach to resource development, its efforts in promoting international indigenous rights and the general standard of living in the Cree communities.

As a complement to Internet interest, there have been many inquiries from the print press and various other media about the election outcome including:

The 2013 Cree elections page has received a grand total of 287,266 hits as of today. These hits have generated 330.70 MB of data bandwidth on July 15, 2013 and a noteworthy 1.63 GB of bandwidth on July 16, 2013.

Visitors accessed the election results page through Facebook, Google, Grand Council (GCC), Bing, Soleica and other sites.

The interest in the 2013 GCC elections page has also revived interest in previous Cree Nation election pages which also received new hits. These previous elections include those for previous Chief/Chairperson elections, Cree Health Board and Cree School Board.

The hits on the Cree election page came from a mix of individuals, NGO’s, governments and industry.

Internationally, the highest number of hits were received from France and Germany. The hits from France were particularly interesting reaching a total of 5,636 hits, no doubt owing in part to the France/Quebec connection as well as to the general interest among Europeans in indigenous peoples.

In general, the world seems to want to know what is happening in the Cree Nation.

Rodney W. Hester, MPA
Director of Government Support Services
Grand Council of the Crees (EI) / Cree Regional Authority
(514) 231-9246