The Grand Council of the Crees

Arctic Fibre Inc.'s Submarine Cable System

Posted: 2013-12-18

The Crees will take part in the review of this project by participating in the Nunavik Marine Region Impact Review Board review of it. This is being done in the interest of accomplishing the review in the most economical, thorough and convenient way. It is also necessary to do it in this manner because the Eeyou Marine Region Planning Commission and the EMR Impact Review Board are not yet set up to begin their work of planning and review. This coordinated approach is in accordance with the Agreement Relating to the Cree/Inuit Offshore Overlapping Interests Area, signed in 2003 by the Crees and Makivik, which agreement can to be found in the terms of the Eeyou Marine Region Treaty, pages 149 to 166 .

Interested individuals, Cree, Inuit and non-Cree, the concerned communities, including Chisasibi and Whapmagoostui, the Inuit communities, as well as Cree and Inuit authorities are welcome to provide their comments on the proposed project. We ask that submissions be sent to the Nunavik Marine Region Impact Review Board before January 20th at the latest.

Please note that all of Arctic Fibre’s project information is on the Nunavut Impact Review Board’s ftp site at

All comments and documents received by NIRB pertaining to the Arctic Fibre project proposal can be obtained from Nunavut Impact Review Board’s ftp site at

Arctic Fibre’s website can be viewed at: where you will find Questions and Answers on a wide range of issues of interest. Check out the FAQs section of the website. This would answer most questions people might have.

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