The Grand Council of the Crees

Position Of Cree Nation Government Regarding Québec’s Announcement Of Mediation Mandate Of Lucien Bouchard

Posted: 2015-01-26

On January 23, the Government of Québec announced a mediation mandate for Lucien Bouchard.  However, discussions with the Cree regarding this mandate were not completed when this announcement was made.
The Cree Nation Government thus wishes to clarify that it has not given its consent to the terms of the mediation mandate of Mr. Bouchard announced on January 23.

The Cree have not agreed to mediation “in the Resolute Forest Products forest certification file in Lac St-Jean” or regarding “issues raised within the context of Resolute Forest Products’ forestry certification in Lac-Saint-Jean”, as announced in Québec’s press release of January 23.  The Cree strongly object to this announcement, made without their agreement. 

The Cree have been involved for several years in a dispute with the Government of Québec regarding its failure to implement the 2002 Baril-Moses forestry agreement.  This is the object of the forestry dispute between the Cree and Québec, not the FSC certification of Resolute.

The Cree have made numerous attempts to negotiate a resolution of the Baril-Moses dispute with Québec, without success. The Cree therefore had no option but to institute legal proceedings in 2013 in order to protect their rights and way of life.

Grand Chief Dr. Matthew Coon Come stated:  “The Cree are open to discuss with Québec the terms of a suitable mandate for mediation between the Cree and Québec regarding the Baril?Moses forestry dispute as well as related issues.  We are also open to working with Mr. Bouchard.  But the mediation mandate requires the agreement of both parties, the Cree and Québec.”